Rahanni Celestial Healing

Healing for the Mind, Body & Soul

I was introduced to Rahanni Celestial Healing by the founder, Carol Stacey when I met her while I was in the UK in 2014. After receiving a healing from Carol, she attuned me to Practitioner level and  before I left the UK I was attuned to Teacher level to bring this wonderful healing back to NZ. I have sinced taught many practitioners and many have also gone on to Teaching Rahanni. The healing of Rahanni is truly amazing with proven results.

Vibrating on a pink ray of light that corresponds with the heart centre, Rahanni helps to release fear based ways of thinking and negativity, opening up to truth, love and compassion. Because Rahanni works on a very high level of vibration it can work a lot faster and a lot deeper than many other healing modalities.

A treatment takes anything between 20 - 40 minutes, and Rahanni works best when the client has had three sessions. For the first session I recommend allowing an hour. Rahanni is a complimentary therapy that is used to treat the whole person and works in conjunction with your regular health care. It is a wonderful holistic therapy treating the mind, body and soul.

As well as balancing Mind, Body and Soul, Rahanni helps to release negativity and pain, reduces stress and anxiety and brings in love, truth and compassion.

If you would like to find out more about Rahanni Celestial Healing please contact me at the shop ofrsend me an email.  rahanninz@gmail.com

                                                              Blessings  & Love Always

                                                                                       Trish Douglas

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