Our range of incense just keeps growing. We are the only stockists in the wider area for the ever popular Wildberry Incense which comes in shorties and now in 11 inch.

Wildberry is popular as you can choose from one stick to as many as you like. With lots of flavours to choose from our customers keep returning to restock their supplies. American made hand dipped using amazing oils for true aroma.

Californian White Sage is a great

cleanser of your environment.

Also widely used for cleansing crystals,

blessings and house cleansing. Available in cones, sticks, smudge sticks small, medium and large and white sage oil.

Palo Santo - The name translates to 'holy wood'  for those seeking a stronger spiritual connection with the world. Its sweet scent of pine, mint, and lemon has, for centuries, been a used for healing and good fortune.  Available in natural wood sticks, cones, incense sticks and oil.


Green Tree Incense range available in sticks, cones and many have matching oil


Angel Healing


Reiki Energy. Flower of life.


7 Angels


7 Chakras


Chakra Lotus


Angel Dust


Meditation.  Hand of Fatima


Angel Love. Dream Spirit


Some more popular incense sticks


Full Moon


Mystic.   Wicca Ritual






The ever popular Satya Range


Nag Chama.  Super Hit


Patchouli.  Karma


Sandalwood. Musk. Frankincense


Egyptian Musk.  Vanilla




Meditation. Tree of Life


Dragons Blood


NEW! NEW! Organic Incense and Oils


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