Photos are taken of actual lamps instore. Each lamp is unique and colours vary.

Our Himalayan Salt lamps are made of pure natural salt that come from the foothills of the Himalayan mountains. Because of the purity of the salt they bring great holistic benefits to your home or office environment by purifying the air with positive ions, soothe allergies especially respiratory problems. In the home they aid restful sleep and make a great nightlight.

The lamps all come with a cord and the bulb (replacements bulbs are also available at the shop) For the best benefits the salt lamp must be kept on all the time and we have many people asking about the safety of this and the power consumption. Because they run on a 15watt bulb they take minimal power and are perfectly safe. If you turn them off they will continue to absorb the moisture in the air, however because the lamp is not warm from being on they will start to weep. So for all round benefits please keep your salt lamp on.

We sell a good range of sizes from small rough natural ones to big ones weighing up to 12kg. These are sold on weight and vary in price from $35 up to $110.

Our shaped lamps are priced at $60 each - although watch out for specials as we often have reduced prices on these.

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